Elect Dan Saracki for Oldsmar Mayor
Service to the Oldsmar Citizens

Dan was elected to Oldsmar City Council Seat 2 in 2015 and is currently serving his second term. His goal of becoming Mayor began in 2018, near the end of his first term. He realized he would be termed out of his current seat in 2022 and becoming Mayor is the next logical step. He is humbled and honored by the outpouring of community support.

Dan continues to work tirelessly towards this goal. His extensive community involvement, continuing municipal education and service in local, regional, and statewide legislature have prepared him to be the best candidate for Oldsmar Mayor. His many awards, achievements and accolades make clear his dedication and ability to serve.

Dan’s priority is the citizens of Oldsmar. He wants to ensure the downtown development honors our hometown feel. No skyscrapers, fountains, or trying to be like our neighboring cities. Dan cares about community theater, the arts, places for public gatherings, and continuous improvements to safe transportation options.

Fiscal Responsibility • Economic Opportunities • Serving Oldsmar Citizens

As Mayor, Dan Saracki will work to spend taxpayer's dollars on programs that directly benefit Oldsmar citizens.
Dan supports programs for children, the arts and safe transportation alternatives.

Dan Saracki and Paula, his wife of 30 years, have been Oldsmar, Florida residents since 1995 and local business owners of Impact Grafx, Inc. since 1999. Dan has a background in computer programming, marketing, and sales, with an emphasis on commercial real estate. Dan’s community service in Oldsmar started in 2009 when he saw a need in his neighborhood to increase community involvement, maintain property values, and improve security. He was elected President of his Homeowners Association that year – a position he still holds today due to popular demand by his neighbors. His service, experience and knowledge continue to grow.

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Dan’s hard work, dedication, continuing education and service on various boards have prepared him for his commitment to become Mayor of Oldsmar so he can serve the citizens. His efforts and involvement have reached beyond Oldsmar and raised awareness with state officials to benefit this great city. He is the first elected official from the City of Oldsmar to serve on the Florida League of Cities (FLC) Board of Directors and served as President of the Suncoast League in 2020. Dan was honored to receive the Home Rule Hero Award an unprecedented four times in a row (2018 – 2021) from the FLC in recognition for his outreach efforts to members of the state legislature on the importance of protecting Home Rule.

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Dan’s goal of serving Oldsmar as Mayor and his vision for benefitting the residents is unwavering. As Mayor, he will ensure that the downtown development represents the needs and desires of the people. Dan understands that a destination that attracts new businesses, creates job, and provides a place for the community to gather is important. Yet, it must be handled with financial prudence, environmental stewardship, and community support. No high-rises that adversely impact the density levels and strain resources. Oldsmar is a unique and friendly city. The citizens deserve a central area where they can walk, ride a bike, or drive their golf cart, eat and drink, and enjoy music and performances.

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Whether playing Santa Claus for the children of Oldsmar, serving as Chair for the Centennial, or attending a FLC conference, Dan enjoys helping his local community. He is honored to have the opportunity to make a difference at the regional and statewide levels. His mantra, “All Cities Count” motivates him to ensure the needs of all Florida residents are heard, and local elected officials have the tools to help. Dan’s dedication, hard work, leadership, and fellowship are valuable assets in his many public service roles.

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